Cirrus Acrobatics

A light hearted piece with 2 acrobats who are willing to anything to be the star of the show, even if it means their partner is left in the dust.

This piece playfully mocks the seriousness of performers and the cutthroat nature of life on stage. Suitable for all events big or small.

While this is a choreographed 6 minute act it can be modified to fit your event, please get in touch for more information.


A touching acro-dance piece exploring themes of love and loss.

Remnants is a subtle and skillful stage performance suitable for cabarets and theatrical events.



An elegant and tender doubles trapeze act, Alan and Ziggy will amaze any audience with their beautiful act.

Azimuth requires a rigging point suitable for a doubles trapeze with a mimimum height of 7M or space to set up a aerial rig.

Acro Estupendo

An Acrobatic clown piece suitable for all ages and events.

Acrobatics with a touch of Flamenco, costume mishaps and a surprise ending.